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Per title. Suggested in forum.

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Related ticket for Report improvement: expand Pages reports & Campaign report by default #2137

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Proposal UI for including "All Websites" report in a scheduled report.

  • A new report "All Websites overview" is available and can be added to the PDF/HTML report.
    • In grey, write "All Websites overview. Reports Visits, Page views, Revenue for each of your X websites." (X replaced by the number of websites that will be included, ie are visible to this user)
    • User can decide to create a report containing only the "All websites" dashboard, or he can also include the All websites + following the report for the most important website.
  • The report would contain: website name, Visits, Pages, Conversions, Revenue, the sparkline of evolution of visits.
    • Sparklines displayed by default (probably should follow the same setting as in #2706)
    • Would try to fit as many sites as possible in one page but still looking clean.

This feature would be very useful for majority of Piwik users tracking more than 2-3 websites. The ALl websites has potential to be much more used and this feature will be a new way to promote it.

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(In [5740]) Fixes #2600

  • Note: it was already working before, kuddos cappedfuzz for your work!! Refs #2810
  • possible to add All websites dashboard to the PDF/HTML report
  • Only websites with data are displayed. This might raise support questions "Why is website not displayed in All websites in PDF report..." -> should we display all websites including those with 0 visits?
  • Adds sort by visit DESC to ensure data is displayed by visits sorted in the pdf report
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(In [6085]) Fixes #3017
BUG explanation: During scheduled tasks, Super User status is enforced. This was not a problem until recently, because the Scheduled report was always about one website in particular. since we added All websites Refs #2600 now the report was generated as "Super User"....
so I force the getSitesWithAtLeastViewAccess in the SitesManager API to be restricted to the user who created the report..
This solution is unfortunately a bit hacky but I couldn't find a better way and it took me 4 hours to get it right... pff

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