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Each dashboard widget shows footer icons, pager, ... but they are usually rarely used. Especially since we store changes in the database and apply them when opening the dashboard again. Therefore we want to hide the widget footer by default but give users the possibility to "expand" the footer. Some reports that provide further controls should be able to add controls to this by default hidden footer to hide complexity. It's up to each report to define useful default values.

Also made the dataTable and All Websites Dashboard look nicer. For instance removed some borders.

@mattab commented on April 14th 2014 Member

Guys let us know what you think of this change, it's very visible on the dashboard and is aimed to simplify the interface to let users better focus on their data.

Also helps avoid feature creep :+1:

@BeezyT commented on April 14th 2014 Member

I like it, well done!

Here are a few suggestions:

  • When the footer is closed, the arrow sould point downwards imho, indicating that clicking the arrow will expand the footer.
  • I like how the grey box containing the arrow sits at the bottom of the widget. It works well when it is placed at the border of the widget box. Would it be possible to place the arrow at the bottom of the widget even when the footer is expanded, i.e. below the footer?
  • The click target for showing/hiding the footer is quite narrow. I'd suggest making it as big as possible.
@tsteur commented on April 14th 2014 Member

good point! Just pushed it. I might add a sliding effect later

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