@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on July 29th 2011

I have piwik that watch 3 sections of my site. It's SamyGO but cannot write full name due your spam filters

"Submission rejected as potential spam (Content contained these blacklisted patterns: tv)" (actually dot tv)

Anyway I have subdomains and watching statistics as a 3 different site: www wiki forum

Today I looked and saw that there is 0 people come at 28/07/2011 day to my "WEB" (www.) but when I look into detail I can see that people available at "visitor log", referrers page etc...

Also got error on "engagement" at that day.
like on #2587

I believe some database corruption occurs.
Also piwik db snapshot shrinks to 6.1MB(29/07/2011) from 9.2MB(28/07/2011) (compressed sizes)...

Weird part is, there is no problems for my forum and wiki sections statistics. If you need data, I can send my database snapshot...

Also if there is a way to repair parts from my backed up database snapshot?


@robocoder commented on July 31st 2011 Contributor

Because the session handler no longer blocks, browser-based archiving is likely to trigger the archive processing concurrency issue mentioned in #987.

Please switch to either cron-based archiving, or in core/Session.php, remove 'files' from the array, changing:

                if(in_array($currentSaveHandler, array('user', 'mm', 'files')))


                if(in_array($currentSaveHandler, array('user', 'mm')))

This should resolve the archiving processing concurrency issues.

Then truncate/drop your piwik_archiveblob* and piwik_archivenumeric* tables, so that Piwik can regenerate them.

@robocoder commented on July 31st 2011 Contributor

(In [5052]) fixes #2602, fixes #2574, refs #2548, refs #2597

@robocoder commented on August 1st 2011 Contributor

(In [5065]) fixes #2548, refs #2597 - use advisory locks

This Issue was closed on August 1st 2011
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