@robocoder opened this Issue on July 27th 2011 Contributor

Using Mongodb, Hadoop, Tokudb, Piwik could scale to greater limits.

This ticket is an invitation to the community to comment and discuss the Nosql support of Piwik!


@mattab commented on April 5th 2014 Member

Reopening as there is a lot of interest from the community to build a Nosql version of Piwik!

@mattab commented on April 5th 2014 Member

two years ago we have discussed this topic in the past Nosql for Piwik for a GSoC proposal: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/wiki/GSoC-2013#project-gsoc1-multiple-database-support-implement-mongodb-adapter

@timofeytt commented on January 12th 2017

Well, it doesn't have to be completely No SQL. You may look into ClickHouse - the column-oriented DBMS used by Yandex for its own web analytics. It even has SQL syntax, so it doesn't require a complete rewrite of Piwik.

@gebi commented on March 24th 2017

Yes, clickhouse would be a really nice backend!

@gmenegatti commented on April 17th 2017

We have just contacted Piwik's team in order to check the viability to integrate SlicingDice as a backend for Piwik. Let's see how it goes.

@faust64 commented on July 26th 2017

What about Cassandra?

@mattab commented on October 16th 2018 Member

FYI Clickhouse would be the more likely candidate we would look into eventually, as it's SQL compatible

@approached commented on January 2nd 2019
@tsteur commented on January 2nd 2019 Member

While it has SQL support you need to look into some details. Eg does it support delete/update and if supported, is it fast. Does it support eg 10 to 20 joins, does it support all kind of alter table statements etc.

@tsteur commented on February 22nd 2020 Member

Closing this issue as a duplicate of https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/7526

@flyonce commented on March 15th 2021

Yes, clickhouse would be a really nice backend!

Hi,what need to do if i wanna to use clickhouse as backend of matomo?

@sgiehl commented on March 15th 2021 Member

@flyonce Afaik we don't have supporting any other database backend on our roadmap, as it would require to much work.
Not sure if anyone ever tried running Matomo on clickhouse. But feel free to give it a try, if you are keen on it.
If it works smoothly feel free to report back to us :-)

This Issue was closed on February 22nd 2020
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