@robocoder opened this Issue on July 21st 2011 Contributor

There are currently hooks when a user or site is deleted, but not when either are added or updated.

use cases:

  • addUser/updateUser - 3rd-party plugins that want to sync with their own user database and provide their own authentication mechanism
  • addSite/updateSite - see BotTracker in #2391
@robocoder commented on January 1st 2012 Contributor

(In [5645]) fixes #2580

@robocoder commented on January 1st 2012 Contributor

Updated http://piwik.org/docs/plugins/hooks/

  • SitesManager.addSite, SitesManager.updateSite, SitesManager.deleteSite
  • UsersManager.addUser, UsersManager.updateUser, UsersManager.deleteUser
@mattab commented on January 8th 2012 Member

Nice one :)

This Issue was closed on January 8th 2012
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