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I was asked to create this ticket(http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?3,79332,79590#msg-79590), so here's my feature suggestion:

80-90 percent of the collected/saved data about the visitors are unnecessary for me, I don't need them. Therefore:

It would be great if we could select, which data should be saved/collected from the visitors. This should drastically reduce the size of the database and therefore make Piwik faster (because it's smaller).

I don't know what's the best way to implement such a feature. But if there are boxes, where you can simply select the categories you want to know about your visitors, this would be great.

As I said: Most of the things are not necessary for me. And I asked another user who agreed that he would love to have that feature, too.

Blogrammierer writes: In my opinion this will be a nice-to-have feature to reduce the database size and improve performance of piwik.

maybe it will be possible to create an extra tab in the setting menu to control which data will be collect. i.e. data about OS or IP are unimportant for a lot of people.

When this feature become part of piwik, each user had the possibility to handle the saving of IP-Data. This is atm a huge problem in Germany, because of the current law. So no extra plugin is necessary.
Keywords: data, database, store, select, optional, size, performance, collect

@mattab commented on September 17th 2011 Member

Rather than limiting collected data, we now recommend to delete old data from piwik database.

See the related ticket to delete old reports from the DB: #53

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