@tomval2k opened this Pull Request on March 28th 2014 First_timer

import_logs.py --help ... --config ... Piwik will read the configuration file...to fetch the Super User token_auth

A prior change had import_logs.py launching a php command on local file system to query piwik database, however piwik may not be installed on local system. And for me it didn't work. And why run a python script, to launch a php script, to query a database, to then run the http post to the (possibly remove) piwik http server.

@mattab commented on March 29th 2014 Member

the token_auth is not in the config file as of 2.1.0 (but stored in the DB)
if piwik is not installed on the system please use --token-auth to specify the token.

this solution is the best we could think of, even though it can seem a bit convoluted.
the error reporting can i'm sure be improved to point users in the right direction...

@tomval2k commented on March 29th 2014

given that the config file contains the username and password for the database, why is a token_auth not allowed there? Or is this an effort to keep server config seperate to client/end-user config?

@mattab commented on March 30th 2014 Member

Yes an effort to keep server config in the DB as much as possible

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