@hansfn opened this Issue on June 24th 2011

I just upgraded to Piwik 1.5 (from 1.4) and decided to setup archiving via cron. I test ran archive.sh and got some errors like:

Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table 'piwik_archive_numeric_2010_11' already exists

I guess it's not fatal, but since it's reported it might be an issue. I have four sites in my Piwik installation, and Piwik is mostly used to collect data - the stats are seldom viewed.

@robocoder commented on June 25th 2011 Contributor

(In [4945]) fixes #2512 - use default (force reload = true)

@robocoder commented on July 3rd 2011 Contributor

(In [4968]) refs #2512

This Issue was closed on July 3rd 2011
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