@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on June 23rd 2011

An uploaded brand logo is not shown. My web root path is set do htdocs/joomla for the domain (train4media.de/piwik is /htdocs/joomla/piwik), but Piwik looks for train4media.de/joomla/piwik/themes/logo-header.png. So please use a relative path.

@sgiehl commented on June 24th 2011 Member

Might be a problem in Piwik::getCurrentScriptName(), as this method is used to display the logo.

Could you please look if PATH_INFO and/or REQUEST_URI is available in $_SERVER on your server and which value they contain within the piwik path?

@robocoder commented on June 25th 2011 Contributor

Fixed in [4944].

@robocoder commented on June 25th 2011 Contributor

Marking this as a dupe of #2497.

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on July 1st 2011



@robocoder commented on July 1st 2011 Contributor

Magister: the code in Url.php works correctly; if $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] is not set, it falls back to $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'].

You need to update the cached URL. After applying the patches in [and 4946, try re-uploading the logo. Or manually poke your piwik_option table, changing the option_value for the row with option_name = 'piwikUrl'.

This Issue was closed on July 1st 2011
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