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See attached file.

the legend displayed every other bar makes the graph harder to read. We should display the legend on each bar, but truncate after a few characters in case the string is too long.

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@BeezyT commented on June 1st 2011 Member

jqplot offers a solution to the space problem: roated text


should we make use of that?

@mattab commented on June 2nd 2011 Member

It looks quite bad/pixellised doesn't it?

Or maybe, we can put truncated legends, and display the tooltip even when the legend label is hovered, as well as showing the tooltip on hover on the bar?

@mattab commented on November 28th 2011 Member

Note: it's a wontfix as such. However, we will implement horizontal bar charts, which allow for longer labels. Then, each bar will have its own label. Horizontal charts are now covered in: #2704 but we'll then create a ticket for the Jqplot horizontal bar request.

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Milestone 1.8.x Piwik 1.8.x deleted

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