@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on May 17th 2011

Currently the Goals plugin & Actions plugin does not issue an error when given an unsupported Segment.

@mattab commented on May 17th 2011 Member

The list of SQL segments supported by the Goals API are:


We should either:

  • Make all dimensions work for Goals plugin
  • For all unsupported dimensions, return an error message "The segment 'actions' is not supported for this API call"
    • Note that, in some cases, the "per goal" metrics are not available, but the general metrics are available. For example, segment=actions>1 will return "Top keywords" but will not return "Goal X conversions /Goal Y conversion rate / Goal Z revenue" for each keyword. In this case, we shall not return an error message, but just return the common metrics not enriched with the goal details.

I vote for the solution to make all segments work for all API functions.

@mattab commented on May 18th 2011 Member

(In [4717]) Fixes #2434 Now Actions.get* and Goals.get* (which were the two API not supporting all segments) have full support of all segments + adding tests

Refs #2432

  • Processing Custom vars per page: they are merged in the existing Custom Variables output (rather than create a separate one)
  • So there is no need for a new Report in the UI, Custom variables of scope "page" are displayed in the "Visitors > Custom Variables" report
  • Displaying Custom vars per page in the Live API output
This Issue was closed on May 18th 2011
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