@robocoder opened this Issue on April 30th 2011 Contributor

Using the data from www.maxmind.com/app/fips10_4, build a lookup table, i.e., from subcountry/region name to FIPS 10-4 code (and possibly the converse, see #1652).

This will used by #1823 to convert region names (as supplied by geolocation providers) to the more compact FIPS 10-4 code (when storing in the log_visit table).

@robocoder commented on May 2nd 2011 Contributor

Given that FIPS 10-4 was withdrawn from the standards track, how much overlap is there with ISO 3166-2?

@mattab commented on October 23rd 2011 Member

Anthon, sounds good -

  • The lookup table would just be a plain PHP array I assume?
  • should this be part of #1823 ?
@robocoder commented on January 26th 2012 Contributor

Greg: do you have any additional equirements that I can accomodate here? (Relating to 1652).

this will be a mapping of fips10-4 to a subcountry (aka region) name

  • do we need these names to be translateable?

In the future, there will be some methods (probably specific to a geolocation provider) for reverse lookup (ie store the more compact fips10-4 code).

  • there's as yet, no iso 3166 standard for subcountries
@robocoder commented on January 26th 2012 Contributor

Sorry, last bullet point is incorrect

  • there isn't a one-to-one mapping between iso 3166-2 and fips10-4

(The iso 3166-2 standard isn't stable; it changes to reflect geopolitical changes.)

@mattab commented on January 26th 2012 Member
do we need these names to be translateable? 

No, only countries are translatable in Piwik (we should not have to add new translations for this feature)

Is there any issue that you can think of for this ticket, or all is clear?

@robocoder commented on January 28th 2012 Contributor

Since we don't know what version of the GeoIP database a user may have installed, we have to include retired codes.

However, I noticed the following:

  • a region may get a new code but keep the same name (e.g., JO 10 "Al Mafraq" becomes JO 15 "Al Mafraq")
  • a region may get a new name but keep the same code (e.g., YE 06 "Al Ghaydah" becomes YE 06 "Lahij")

This will inevitably lead to questions (or bug reports) like "Al Mafraq appears twice in the table". So follow-up tasks to this one:

  • add a FAQ entry
  • monitor changes to MaxMind's fips_include list (e.g., a daily cron or Jenkins job) so we have timely updates
@mattab commented on January 30th 2012 Member

Maybe there won't be "double rows" since Piwik should, for a given month, deduplicate same labels ? It would only have the issue the day and month during the upgrade between old new format?

In any case a FAQ would be more than enough, probably it will not happen much.

Thanks for your status update, hopefully the data sets we are going to package to be used by 250,000 server is of good quality and fast to access? :)

@mattab commented on December 14th 2012 Member

Dealt with in: #1652

@mattab commented on December 16th 2012 Member

Milestone 1.8.x Piwik 1.8.x deleted

@mattab commented on December 27th 2012 Member

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