@robocoder opened this Issue on April 23rd 2011 Contributor

Local testing using http://[::1]/ tracking works, but when I set up an IPv6-on-IPv4 tunnel for testing between my laptop and server, nothing is logged and there's unusual data in the payload (that doesn't appear anywhere in piwik.js or the test script), e.g.,




@mattab commented on April 23rd 2011 Member

These are cookies set in the Javascript unit tests: tests/javascript/index.php

I guess we need a deleteCookies() function that would delete all piwik cookies, to call it at the end of tests?

@robocoder commented on April 23rd 2011 Contributor

OMG. It's been a long day. Ok. Delete cookies and point my test script to the right server instance. ;)

This Issue was closed on April 23rd 2011
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