@robocoder opened this Issue on March 10th 2011 Contributor

This is becoming a FAQ. (Alternately, add a config setting that would allow period=year.)

We also have to update the FAQ on how unique is counted. (It refers to third party cookies).

@mattab commented on March 26th 2011 Member

I updated FAQ: http://piwik.org/faq/general/#faq_43

but no config setting, since at some point we will not keep more than monthly logs so might as well not build the feature that will be broken ;)

@mattab commented on March 30th 2011 Member

actually vipsoft is right, we need a setting!

@mattab commented on March 30th 2011 Member

(In [4236]) Fixes #2170 New setting to enable Unique Visitors for Year/Custom Range

; if set to 1, Unique Visitors will be processed for Years and Date Ranges
; disabled by default, to ensure optimal performance for high traffic Piwik instances
; if you set it to 1 and want the Unique Visitors to be re-processed in for reports in the past, drop all piwikarchive* tables
enable_processing_unique_visitors_year_and_range = 0

@mattab commented on March 30th 2011 Member
This Issue was closed on March 30th 2011
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