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The page is now live! See third-party integration plugins


  • trademark
  • avoid fragmentation
  • up-to-date


  • Wordpress - 2 different extensions
  • Joomla - 4 different extensions
  • contrast with Drupal, MediaWiki, Typo3 which each have 1


  • com_piwik 2.2.2 (an extension for Joomla) includes a repackaged Piwik 0.9, with a couple of installation files modified (causing the manifest warning)

It would probably help to have #1586 ('headless install').

@mattab commented on April 1st 2011 Member

I don't think adopting is doable, it will being a lot of overhead for us and not necessarily work out well with plugin authors.

However I fully agree we must start reviewing the plugins, at least get in touch with all plugin authors. I have asked someone to compile the list of all existing plugins author emails. We will then check, that all plugins are working with latest version of Piwik, and advertise them more openly on piwik.org

As to the problem with multiple plugins, we should pick the best one if possible. If few plugins have pros and cons, we can maybe advertise 2 per platform, but document what is best in each etc.

The main goal of this is

  • to advertise more clearly on piwik.org all the available plugins (product logo, plugin URL, authors contacts
  • to support the work of all the Piwik community and ensure their work can be found easily by all new piwik users browsing piwik.org

let me know any feedback!

@mattab commented on September 17th 2011 Member

Updating the task title. hopefully we can do this new page in the new piwik.org redesign :) I think a page listing all main integration plugins with the platform logos.

Anthon from the team has prepared an extensive list of such plugins, so we would need to finalize the list (please ask for private access), pick the "top" plugins to put in the list, and create the new page on Piwik.org

If anyone is interested please shout :)

@halfdan commented on October 23rd 2012 Member

This can be closed I think?

@mattab commented on October 24th 2012 Member

indeed! :) The page is now live at third-party integration plugins

Btw halfdan would be great to see your IPV6 plugin added as a ticket with link to the code, in: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/query?status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&group=status&milestone=Third+Party+Piwik+Plugins

It's a really cool little plugin ;)

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