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It would be sometimes useful to Expand (show recursively) the data for some reports since the expanded data is very important for these:

When creating the Scheduled report, users could check a box "For Pages, Downloads, Outlinks report, Expand and show Top Pages in the hierarchy"

  • if a category has 10 children categories and pages, I propose we display the 4 top ones in each sub category.
  • The 5th listing will be the truncated row ("Others") or the 5th page/category if there were only 5.
    • countries/fr/paris/
    • countries/fr/marseille/
    • countries/fr/lyon/
    • countries/fr/bordeaux/
    • countries/fr/Others (this is the truncated row)

See #2816 and #2742

This was reported in the forum this post and here

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on March 8th 2013


In Piwik 1.9.2, by adding

  • parameters.flat = '1'; in PDFReports/templates/pdf.js
  • flat=1' in the Download URL in PDFReports/templates/list.tpl
    I was able to have all pages of all categories in my report.

Since 1.10.1 it does not work anymore. How can I fix that ?

Best regards

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on March 13th 2013

Salut Julien,

Any comment on my issue or for this ticket ?


@anonymous-matomo-user commented on January 7th 2014

In my report for custom variables stand for example:

selected_country 1000

But i need to see the items of the next level:

selected_country 1000
de-de 800
int_en 150
fr-fr 50

@mattab commented on December 3rd 2014 Member

also currently, when directories don't have a + prepended to the string, which makes it hard to visualize in the PDF report. we should add simple + in front of categories #6488

@OG2K commented on January 6th 2015

Need very much to expand pathes of entry pages in report to justify behaviour of user. See more #6655 Thank you!

@OG2K commented on March 3rd 2015

Hi there,

Where itg is implemented?
Where to tick a box to get pathes expanded in the pdf reports?


@mattab commented on March 3rd 2015 Member

Hi @OG2K

the issue is opened, so it's not implemented yet.

@OG2K commented on March 4th 2015

ok, I wait. and it is nice to know that it will be implemented. /A

@mattab commented on April 8th 2015 Member

Now that flatten is very fast for Page URLs I reckon it would be really useful to flatten Page URL report by default in Scheduled reports

(It would also make issue #6488 less visible although still important to address)

@RMastop commented on April 13th 2015 Contributor

+1 for the flatten Page URL scheduled report.

@johnnydevs commented on October 7th 2015

+1 for this feature too

@OG2K commented on October 7th 2015

+1 since, 10 months of ticket active

@WittTheRock commented on October 9th 2015

currently I change global settings to get this feature (hardcoded), but that changes every table too.

@johnnydevs commented on October 9th 2015

@WittTheRock how's that working out for you?

@WittTheRock commented on October 9th 2015

not a good solution, but i set the get parameter "flat" always to 1

@PeterMakkes commented on November 10th 2015


@OG2K commented on December 14th 2015


@fberke commented on July 5th 2016

Since Custom Variables are going to be dropped in favour of Custom Dimensions at some point, would those be expandable as well? Dimensions currently don't seem to selectable for e-mail reporting at all, event with the plugin installed.

Additionally, the presentation of Events in the e-mail reporting is not very satisfying. Event Categories, Actions, and Names are shown in separate tables, although the data makes more sense if displayed in hierarchical composition.

@mattab commented on July 8th 2016 Member

Dimensions currently don't seem to selectable for e-mail reporting at all, event with the plugin installed.

@fberke FYI Custom Dimensions are available in the Scheduled reports, under the category Actions for actions dimensions, and under Visits for visit custom dimensions.

@gaumondp commented on September 20th 2016

As of 2.16.1 adding "&flat=1" works in PDF at least for URL. Why not make a quick fix by adding the checkbox to the "create email reports" interface with "Expand URL" ?

You can't count on asking simple editors to modify urls by hand...

@Fensterbank commented on November 14th 2016 Contributor

I just wanted to ask what's the current state of this issue?
I checked a few pull requests but didn't find the answer. Is in the current state of development a flat view of custom variables already possible?
If not, how big is the chance, to get all this in 3.0.0?

We are using Scheduled Reports via Mail and track user selected UI languages. It's useless when product owners receive a PDF report but doesn't see which language has been selected in the non-flatten view.

@mattab commented on December 6th 2016 Member

@Fensterbank in Piwik 3, all scheduled reports will show Flattened reports, when they support it. Flatten is enabled for all reports and can't be disabled. Should be a big win for all readers of the email reports! :+1:

@TobeBenn commented on February 22nd 2017

is this point really enabled in Piwik 3.0.1???

still got summarized URLs in pdf-mail-reports

This Issue was closed on November 15th 2016
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