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I have the "external web sites list" widget on my dashboard, and when I open the sites in order to see the actual pages where the visit comes from, a messing occurs.

Let's take an actual case. There is a list like:

www.qumran2.net 16
www.google.it 14
www.kathpedia.com 11
www.facebook.com 11
alicemail.rossoalice.alice.it 8
webmailvtin.alice.it 6
it.wikipedia.org 5
www.labussolaquotidiana.it 4
www.testimonidigitali.it 3
www.maranatha.it 2

Sometimes when I click on www.labussolaquotidiana.it, I don't get the referers pages on www.labussolaquotidiana.it, but those on it.wikipedia.org, or those from another site not present among those 10 sites.

If I reload the page everything goes to its right place.

I haven't found what makes it occur, perhaps some other click before opening those sites. Actually it occurs to me very often.

I'm attacching a screenshot where the widgets I have in my dashboard are shown.

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@mattab commented on March 3rd 2011 Member

see #1024

to prevent it, increase real time timeout to 5 minutes in the General Settings

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