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Segmentation is available in Piwik 1.2, but only in the API for now.

This ticket is about making Segmentation available via the standard Piwik UI.

  • Create a UI to define segments similar to the GA UI, and have the report processed in real time for these custom segments.
  • Update the UI DataTables to show one segment AND 'all visits', in several rows below the normal row, as well as comparison row (similar to GA).
  • Build the feature to autocomplete when filling a value for a given dimension/metric, for efficiency and ease of use. Reuse the code in getLabelsFromTable()

Other notes / feature requests:

  • Support operator for substring matching, eg. Return all visits where keyword contains Piwik. Would support both substring and regex expression.
  • For metrics, when the value in the filter is not numeric, throw an error
  • GA supports visitsToTransaction and daysToTransaction which are equivalent to "visitConverted==1;daysSinceFirstVisit==X" - we could support these as well
  • VisitFrequency plugin could be simplified, since it doesn't require its own SQL anymore (can be seen a Segment)
@mattab commented on April 28th 2011 Member

see #2135

This Issue was closed on April 28th 2011
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