@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on January 28th 2011

This is a mixed bug report/feature request.
I noticed that there is no straightforward way to disable/deactivate scheduled reports. (e.g. people may want to have several different reports, but just on demand).

The only way to disable mailing a report is to uncheck the "send to me" option. That's not very intuitive. Also, there's then still a schedule filled in and you can press "send report now" which will "load data" but do nothing.

I suggest the following:

  • add an option "Never" to the Email schedule list

Using that "schedule" disables the automatic reports.

  • if there is no "send to me" and no other email address filled in the "send report now" should not show

Both changes allow for a straightforward way to temporarily or permanently disable scheduled reports.

@mattab commented on February 3rd 2011 Member

When you click Send Now for a PDF report that is not sent to any email, you get Loading data... without email being sent or error displayed? Please confirm.

Otherwise, I think unticking Send to me is quite visible and accessible to remove the scheduling of reports.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on February 6th 2011

Your first paragraph: confirmed. That's how I found out that you can "disable" reports this way. I used trial and error and unticked and tried to send. "Load data" but no send (of course).

Your second paragraph: no, this isn't really sufficient.

It is not only "send to me". You can also add more addresses. In order to "disable" you currently have to remove all these addresses plus untick that option. If you want to enable it again you have to retick that option and readd all the email addresses. That's kind of a nuisance, isn't it?

Furthermore, currently there's no indication in the reports list that this report will actually not send = is "disabled". It's still showing "Daily" or whatever it was scheduled to. (And the schedule will probably try to run it and fail to send - I didn't check that part. Oh, wait, let me have a look in tmp. Yes, there they are. So, the job still runs and places the report in tmp but cannot send it. I think that would justify increasing the priority of this feature as currently a "disabled" job will fill up the tmp directory with unsent reports.)

Finally, currently there is no way to manually send a report that is "disabled" by removing the tick and the addresses. If you want to send a manual report that is "disabled" you currently have to retick/readd, send and then untick/remove again, so it is "disabled" again.

If I counted right, that's four good arguments for the "disabled" option. To reiterate:

  • it should disable the job completely (job = the scheduled task)
  • it should show as Disabled in the list
  • it should allow to keep all the email addresses
  • it should allow to send a manuall report without any further ado (e.g. just click "send" in the list
@mattab commented on February 6th 2011 Member

OK you convinced me. We could add a 'Do not send email' option in the 'Email scheduled' dropdown. When selected, it would grey out the 'Send report to' row, but keep the email addresses in there.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on February 6th 2011

Yes, I think there's where it belongs. I would prefer a "Never", though. It's shorter (all the other entries are short - which is important for the list of reports). Also, perhaps "do not send email" is a bit ambiguous as a few people might think it also disables the ability to manually send a report (I agree, though, the chance for misinterpretation is slim). But, anyway, "Do not send email" would do as well.

I don't mind whether it greys out the next cell or not. I certainly think it's not necessary to do that, but it doesn't hurt ;-)

@mattab commented on February 17th 2011 Member

fixed in r3935

This Issue was closed on February 17th 2011
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