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New Report goal conversions per landing page. for example, for the goal 'Ecommerce checkout', how did each landing page convert new visits to buying on the website? What is the conversion rate of the homepage, VS a product VS a category page? What are the best converting pages?

  • top landing Pages URLs for each goal
  • top landing Page URLs overall
  • show top page urls in the Goals > Overview reports
  • also provide these metrics for Landing Page titles as well as for page URLs
@anonymous-matomo-user commented on February 26th 2014

Please consider fast tracking this feature. Knowing which landing pages are resulting in conversions is one of the most valuable features of web analytics tools.

Here's a link to a forum post I made on this topic. http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?2,111356

Please consider allowing us to get this data at the API level. I think the simplest implementation would be to add <entry-nb_goals>X</entry_nb_goals> to Actions.getEntryPageUrls, where the value X is the number of goals in visitor sessions that had that URL as an entry page. A slightly more complicated and useful implementation would be to a return the name and number of goals.


All Goals - 7
Goal A - 3
Goal B - 4

In my view, this is currently one of the biggest gaps in Piwik's analytic capabilities.

@mattab commented on February 27th 2014 Member

Yes I agree with you, maybe we get a chance to work on it, or someone will contribute the new feature!

Moving into the 2.x backlog!

@pUnK2008 commented on April 15th 2017

Any update regarding this feature?

@mattab commented on January 4th 2018 Member

No update yet, but we know how important this feature will be. Got also another feedback today:

Landing page report
A very basic optimization strategy is to analyze landing pages in terms of bounce rate and conversion rate. By default, Piwik does not offer such a report. Now that custom reports are available, we can easily replicate this. However, I think most users will miss out on this and I believe that a pre-cooked report with session conversion rate for landing pages is very important.

@mattab commented on October 8th 2019 Member

See also #14974 Add Goals visualisation for Pages reports in behaviour category which is similar and even more advanced

Update: we'll need to discuss this one and spec it out a bit better maybe

@mattab commented on March 12th 2021 Member

Another customer request for getting the list of page URLs where a Goal occurred:

I need to know on which URL the user has converted. Here, no URL that the user has called at some point in the session is of any use to me.
I need a simple report where I can see on each page which goal was triggered.
There is a similar report in Google Analytics. Can I also map this data in Matomo with a report:

@tsteur commented on September 22nd 2021 Member

@mattab can you describe what each of the reports should be showing a bit more clearly and where they should be shown etc?

@mattab commented on September 28th 2021 Member

Here is my suggested UI spec below, what do you think?

In any of the Goals XYZ report page (example), and in the general "Goal overview" report, these new insights are offered:

in the "Conversions Overview" section

add a new bullet point Your best converting entry page is <a href="TOP_ENTRY_PAGE_URL">TOP_ENTRY_PAGE_TITLE</a>, listing the Entry page title and URL that have the highest conversion rate for this goal.

between "Goals by Referrers" and "Goals engagement" categories

add a new category "Goals by pages". Under this category we will add new reports (see below).

Screenshot from 2021-09-28 00-16-10

New report "Pages"

under the "Goals by pages" category, show a new report "Pages".

  • For each Page that was viewed by a visitor, in the same visit where they triggered a goal conversion, we calculate a "Conversions" metric. We use a simple "linear attribution model" where the credit of a conversion is shared equally across all pages viewed before the goal was converted in the visit that converted a goal). This conversion metric calculated to attribute conversions to a page, will be incredibly insightful.

    • (if it is not possible to implement the "pages before the conversion" and instead we have to report "all pages in the same visit that converted, even those after the conversion" then it would be acceptable.)
  • Report shows the following metrics:

    • Unique Pageviews - The number of unique pageviews for this page (number of visits where this page was viewed).

    • "Goal XYZ" conversions - The number of conversions attributed this page, where each conversion is shared equally across all pages viewed in the visit before the goal was converted.

    • "Goal XYZ" revenue - The conversions revenue attributed this page, where each conversion revenue is shared equally across all pages viewed in the visit before the goal with revenue was converted.

    • Viewed before "Goal XYZ" rate - The ratio of conversions of "Goal XYZ" where this page was viewed prior to converting.

  • Report is sorted by column "Goal XYZ" conversions showing first these pages that contributed the most to conversions for this goal

For example... say we have 3 visits:

  • visit 1 viewed the following pages: Page A, Page B, Page A, Page C, then there was 1 conversion for the Goal "Newsletter signup".
  • Visit 2 viewed the Page A and Page C and converted to Goal "Newsletter signup".
  • Visit 3 viewed Page A, Page D (no conversion)

and this goal was converted these 2 times only.

Then the report "Goals > Newsletter signup report > Goals by pages > Pages" would show 3 rows:

  • Page, Unique Pageviews, "Goal XYZ" conversions, Viewed before "Goal XYZ" rate
  • Page A, 4 pageviews, 1 conversion, 100%
  • Page B, 1 pageviews, 0.25 conversion, 50%
  • Page C, 2 pageviews, 0.75 conversion, 100%
  • Page D, 1 pageview, 0 conversion, 0%


  • in the UI we would actually round up the numbers with precision of 1 decimal so 1.3 instead of 1.25 (consistent with how conversions metric is displayed in Multi attribution)
  • if a goal is defined as "matching page URL" then the page URL that matches the goal is counted as "Pages viewed before goal conversion". So for example if you have a goal "Newsletter signup" defined as converting when Page URLs match "/newsletter/thank-you" seen by people who successfully signup, then this page will always show a contributed to "Goal XYZ" rate value of 100%. (Because "by design" this page was always seen by visits before they converted this goal)
  • it was also mentioned in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/14974 but this other issues goes even further by getting this valuable information across multiple visits (over 7 days and 30 days). Here we only show "Single visit" pages that contributed to the conversion within the same visit (not across visits).

New report "Entry pages"

under the "Goals by pages" category

New report:

  • Shows all Entry pages URLs
  • Shows the following metrics:
    • Entrances
    • "Goal XYZ" conversions
    • "Goal XYZ" conversions rate
    • "Goal XYZ" revenue
    • "Goal XYZ" revenue per visit
  • Under the report shows a link Related report "Entry pages" (similar to how it's done in Behavior>Entry pages report). When clicked it shows all Entry page titles with the same metrics above.

New report "Page titles"

Report is similar to the new report "Pages" above, but instead of showing Page URLs it shows Page Titles.

Only show the "revenue" and "revenue by visits" columns/metrics when needed

(could be covered in a separate github issue maybe)

Currently these 2 columns clutter the list of columns because they often show just 0 values.
that's because most people don't use the goal revenue feature at all (leave it to zero when they create a Goal in the UI).
So there is no point for them to see only zero-value revenue columns...

so ideally in all these new reports under "Goals by pages" (and also in all other existing reports under the "Goals by ???" categories also), the "Goal XYZ" revenue and "Goal XYZ" revenue per visit columns should only be displayed if there is any row that has a non-zero value for this metric/column.

Let me know if what is still unclear and in general any suggestions or feedback.

@tsteur commented on September 29th 2021 Member

Note: We might need to see if the SQL queries actually allow getting this information in a timely manner and if it's possible at all. we may need to adjust things if needed.

Also because there may be a lot of new reports for each goal, we may want to restrict to say top 1000 pages overall (I suppose ranking query would need to be limited to 1000)? I think as a default for most sites that should be plenty.

@Chardonneaur commented on May 3rd 2022

Simple comment here, if you are in an emergency to have this report, one can create a custom dimension at the visit level and trigger the script at the entry page, here is a proof of concept: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahJVt0twLMU

@sgiehl commented on May 3rd 2022 Member

@Chardonneaur Thanks for the note. This will be most likely part of Matomo 4.11.0

@utrautmann commented on August 8th 2022

Very interesting new feature. Thanks a lot.

'(if it is not possible to implement the "pages before the conversion" and instead we have to report "all pages in the same visit that converted, even those after the conversion" then it would be acceptable.)'

A question about this requirement: how was it implemented?

@bx80 commented on August 8th 2022 Contributor

Hi @utrautmann, thanks for the interest :slightly_smiling_face:

It was implemented as "pages before the conversion", so only pages that were viewed in the visit before the conversion timestamp are counted.

It's worth noting that if there are multiple conversions in the same visit then the additional conversions will still count all the pages viewed since the start of the visit up to each conversion time, even if they have also been counted for another conversion.

For example the visitor path:

Page A > Page B > Convert Goal 1 > Page C > Page B > Convert Goal 2

would be counted as:

Goal 1: 1x Page A, 1x Page B
Goal 2: 1x Page A, 2x Page B, 1x Page C

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This issue has been mentioned on Matomo forums. There might be relevant details there:


@utrautmann commented on August 10th 2022

Hi @bx80 ,

I've added a new bug ticket #19615

@utrautmann commented on August 10th 2022

and added #19616

This Issue was closed on May 31st 2022
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