@carlgrundberg opened this Issue on January 24th 2023

Expected Behavior

It should be possible to show Matomo marketplace from within Matomo on a local installation.

Current Behavior

I get an error when going to the markteplace and when I debug the problem it seems that the request to the plugins API is blocked by WAF. I get this response.

<html><body><h1>Forbidden<br>Request was blocked by WAF.</h1><p></p><p>Request ID: c02cc3a8-4fecae25</p></body></html>

I dont think the API request params matter but its something like this.

It works in our production environment and if I run the request locally in my browser, but not in my local environment.

Your Environment

  • Matomo Version: 4.12.3 4.13.0 4.13.1
  • PHP Version: 8.1.3
@sgiehl commented on January 24th 2023 Member

Hi @carlgrundberg
Sorry to hear you are having problems with a WAF. Unfortunately there is not much we can do about that, without knowing which exact rule blocks the request and why.

@carlgrundberg commented on January 24th 2023

Maybe i misunderstand your answer, but it's the request made from the Marketplace plugin to your plugin website (url above), so it's the WAF on your side and nothing I have any insight of.

I have used Matomo in development for a couple of years now and it never happened before.

@carlgrundberg commented on January 24th 2023
@sgiehl commented on January 24th 2023 Member

Ah. I thought it's a WAF on your side blocking the request. I'm not responsible for our WAF. maybe @tsteur can say something on that.

@tsteur commented on January 24th 2023 Member

@carlgrundberg do you mind checking again if it works now? We've made a change and it should work now

@carlgrundberg commented on January 24th 2023

Yes it works now, thank you!

@tsteur commented on January 24th 2023 Member

Great. Sorry about that @carlgrundberg

This Issue was closed on January 24th 2023
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