@Birkaransingh94 opened this Issue on January 12th 2023

As a user, I cannot find the API token as the set up instructions are not very good. Where exactly is this API auth token that I need to set it up. First I'm following the instructions and I don't see this api in the left menu until I start randomly start click on things and then it suddenly appears.

Then it takes me to a page with a whole load of information but no API auth token. It would be great if all this information I need is on one page, or have links that take me to what I exactly need to get it working without hunting for anything.

@bx80 commented on January 12th 2023 Contributor

Hi @Birkaransingh94, thanks for the feedback.

I'm not sure what instructions you are following. Could you provide a link to the setup instructions which are not very good so we can improve them?

API tokens are available at Administration (the cog, top right) > Personal > Security, then scroll to the bottom and choose 'Create new token'

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