@AVRajanaav opened this Issue on January 10th 2023


I just downloaded the zip file from the web site and extracted and accessed index.html

and I get the error:

Fatal error : Declaration of Piwik\Plugins\Monolog\Handler\WebNotificationHandler::write(array $record) must be compatible with Monolog\Handler\AbstractProcessingHandler::write(array $record): void in /</matomo/plugins/Monolog/Handler/WebNotificationHandler.php on line 34

I see a user had posted → https://forum.matomo.org/t/php-fatal-error-monolog-handler-webnotificationhandler-php-on-line-34/44551

But I don’t have wordpress installed and don’t want to install it!

PHP V7.4

What’s wrong please?



@sgiehl commented on January 11th 2023 Member

Hi @AVRajanaav
Did you use the latest version available on https://builds.matomo.org/ ?
Installing that one should not require anything else. For wordpress there is a special release or a plugin to use (which the forum entry refers to).
If that doesn't work maybe you have some PHP settings in place, that are causing the problem. Like a global auto include or similar.
As this is most likely a server configuration issue please try to find some help on our forum first. If this turns out to be a bug in Matomo itself, we are happy to handle that here again for sure.

@AVRajanaav commented on January 11th 2023

I figured it out.

It was on a shared host who had their own scripts to install Matomo. I used them

Then manually updated files on the server

All is well

This Issue was closed on January 11th 2023
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