@utrautmann opened this Issue on January 3rd 2023

A client of mine use the geolocation feature with the Nginx module.
Only depending on the consent, the location of the visitor is determined by the web server.

Now it is the case that the consent for the location is only obtained after the first page impression. Consequently, in Matomo the visit has already been created and the location for a country is determined based on the browser language.
Unfortunately, however, Matomo does not update the location in the visit after the visit has started. Although the Nginx module now delivers the concrete location and Matomo can read the server variables, the location is not updated in the visit anymore.

Is there a (future) possibility to update/override the location during the visit?

@bx80 commented on January 4th 2023 Contributor

Hi @utrautmann,

That's correct, at the moment the various location columns (city, continent, country, region, longitude and latitude) are only populated with location data for a new visit, for existing visits the previously looked up values are reused.

It doesn't look like it would be too difficult to add an option to look up the location data from the location provider every time for existing visits, though this could be bad for performance depending on the location provided being used and would need to be disabled by default.

I'll assign this issue for prioritization.

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