@donni106 opened this Issue on December 20th 2022

In order to transmit several specific values from mobile devices like brand, os, type, ... it seems to be legit to use uadata. There is an issue started at https://github.com/donni106/matomo-tracker-react-native/issues/13 about that topic, where values are undefined and presented as unknown in Matomo.

Is there a way to enrich the data per uadata or what are the correct params to use?


@sgiehl commented on December 20th 2022 Member

Hi @donni106. Thanks for creating the issue. Guess we could improve the documentation around that.
The javascript tracker code to gather the data is located here:
The values send with uadata then are checked with device detector. So it's not possible to send through random values, as they might get ignored then.

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