@bx80 opened this Pull Request on December 16th 2022 Contributor


Fixes #19648

Moves all MySQL specific code from core/Db, core/DbHelper and all classes under core/Db/ to the database adapter classes core/Adapter/Pdo/Mysql, core/Adapter/Mysqli and a new shared class core/AdapterMysqlAdapterCommon` for methods common for both.

Updates for tracker Db classes core/Tracker/Db, core/Tracker/Db/Pdo/Mysql and core/Tracker/Db/Mysqli are also included.

The overall objective of these changes is to be able to add a new core/Db/Adapter/Pdo/[some new db], core/Db/Schema/[some new db] and core/Tracker/Db/Pdo/[[some new db] where 'some new db' supports prima facie MySQL style queries but has a different underlying architecture with differences in schema, indices, key type, engine type, error codes and session variables.

The previous branch suffered from the dreaded submodules 'not our ref' error so this a replacement branch/PR


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