@alcalyn opened this Pull Request on December 1st 2022 Contributor


When addind an empty line in a TextArea in "General settings" page, i.e in ips whitelist:

The array value is stored as {"0": "", "2": ""} because of the array_filter.

Also the validate is called before the transform, which seems to be expected, but makes the error uncached.

The impact is the "General settings" page throw an error and stop rendering, so all plugin settings after the error are not rendered, then the page does not display all plugins settings. This PR also catch this js error in case other plugins have the same error, so that all plugins settings are displayed.


@alcalyn commented on December 5th 2022 Contributor

Thanks for the help, fixed it and vue files rebuilt.

This Pull Request was closed on December 5th 2022
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