@andysh-uk opened this Issue on December 1st 2022

I've rebuilt a website recently and replaced my Matamo privacy opt-out iframe with the new functionality introduced in 4.12 (I'm using 4.12.3.)

Whilst testing, I noticed that when the opt-out code is the much shorter version using the "Use the Matamo tracker code to set the opt out" option, when a user visits the page, the cookie "mtm_consent_removed" is automatically set without any interaction, even though the form says "to opt-out click the box."

When you check/uncheck the box, this cookie is added/removed.

If I use the "self-contained" code, no cookie is automatically set, and check/unchecking the box adds or removes different cookies - "mtm_consent" or "mtm_consent_removed".

I feel this behaviour with the cookie should be consistent whichever option is used, and certainly should not automatically opt users out without them interacting with the checkbox.

@sgiehl commented on December 1st 2022 Member

I think this should already be fixed with #19915
A new release should be pushed soon, which should include the fixed.
If it's urgent you can also consider using the latest release candidate: 4.13.0-rc2

@andysh-uk commented on December 1st 2022

Ah, perfect, thanks.

I'll look out for the new release, not urgent, I've used the standalone code for now.

This Issue was closed on December 1st 2022
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