@Starker3 opened this Issue on December 1st 2022 Contributor

We have a case where a customer needs to skip the processing of specific ID Segments during the core:archive task. The segments are currently causing performance issues with archiving and may be fixed with a future release of a plugin.

In the mean time, we need to ensure that archiving is still able to complete for all other segments on their server, but still retain the already processed data for the segment. Setting auto_archive in the db for the segment doesn't seem to cause the segments to be skipped during archiving.

If we had an option that was similar to the --skip-idsites one such as --skip-idsegments this could be quite useful.

@snake14 commented on December 1st 2022 Contributor

I think that this would be a good option to add. Looking in the FAQ about archiving and the code plugins/CoreConsole/Commands/CoreArchiver.php, but best workaround that we could come up with was having one cron run with the skip-all-segments option and then another run with the force-idsegments option. That's not a great user experience though.

@baa-ableton commented on January 9th 2023

Same problem here. I separated archiving of long running segments into their own archiving host/server using --force-idsegments . It is quite user unfriendly as the commentor above mentioned. Additionally, I need to update the list of segmentids now whenever Matomo end users create new segments.

This all is to say that I would really appreciate a --skip-idsegments option or flag :) .

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