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refs CLOUD-710. @sgiehl do you reckon something like this could be an OK solution to disable the ISP/ASN DB even if it is present in the filesystem? I'm trying to add this for multi tenant install on Cloud where we will have the file present in the filesystem but only want it to be used by very few accounts. I tried playing around by pointing path.geoip2 into a different directory depending on the tenant but this proved very difficult in a cloud setup and ensuring files are being kept up to date etc. This would make it a lot simpler.
I haven't fully tested it but do you reckon that would work and be ok like this?

If that solution would be fine I could try and add some test for it.


@sgiehl commented on November 21st 2022 Member

As this is no official config option and for now only being used for cloud, I guess we could go with that solution.
In general I think we should improve that geoip stuff overall. Imho the geoip provider should show all databases that were found for each type (location & isp), with the possibility to choose the ones to use. That way it would be possible to e.g. disable one of them or choose e.g. a country database even though a city database is available.
In theory we could even do it in a way that allows to change the used database for each site separately.
But guess those changes are a bit out of scope for now.

@tsteur commented on November 22nd 2022 Member

Awesome thanks. I've just done some manual testing and it worked. I couldn't really figure out a way to test it though. Do you have any idea? Or maybe it doesn't need one?

@sgiehl commented on November 22nd 2022 Member
@tsteur commented on November 22nd 2022 Member

Awesome, thanks for this @sgiehl . I've added some tests

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