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Problem: A report in a plugin needs row evolution to work to provide as much value as possible, but the report does not have unique labels (but does have another column whose values (IDs of a log table) are unique). The current solution would result in incorrect rows being compared.

How this PR works:

This PR adds a property to Report, $rowIdentifier, which reports can use to specify a column other than 'label'. LabelFilter now uses this property to determine what row in a report to filter.

There are additionally some changes to what label value is in the row evolution popover. In the rowaction JavaScript, we build the display label based on the values displayed in the UI and send this with the row evolution request for the twig template to use. This is required if labelColumn is used and there is no data selected. In this case, there is no way to know what the display value should be based on the data.

Note: this PR will stay as a draft until there is a plugin available that uses the feature.


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@diosmosis commented on December 2nd 2022 Member

Moving this out of draft, but at present the only way to test it would be via crash analytics reports, where some reports have non-unique labels.

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