@bx80 opened this Pull Request on November 14th 2022 Contributor


Changes the Site Content Detector class to use lazy caching for detected site properties so that site content will only be checked at most once per week. A lower cache lifetime than four weeks was used so that existing Matomo users who add a content manager to their site can see the setup guide links within a few days.

Explicit curl usage has been replaced with getHTTPTransport() as a parameter to sendHttpRequestBy() so that there is no restriction to just using curl, but invalid SSL certificates can still be ignored.

Fixes #20000

(Remember to turn off development mode in config.ini.php for cache testing! :slightly_smiling_face: )


@sgiehl commented on November 15th 2022 Member

@bx80 Another suggestion for improvement:
It might be good to check enable_internet_features config before sending any request. If that one is disabled by the user, I'm pretty sure they don't want Matomo to send any requests...

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