@jmumby opened this Issue on November 14th 2022

Add the ability to set a date to delete all data prior to or between specific dates.


New users to Matomo spend an exploration time configuring their Matomo. At the end of this process they would like to start with a clean slate and start fresh. It is not ideal to start a new idsite and duplicate all the reports and other configurations.

Having the ability to enter a date and have all report and tracking removed prior or between dates would be ideal.


Should include sufficient "Are you sure messages" or maybe even a "two man rule" for multiple super users.

This is covered in some FAQs e.g https://matomo.org/faq/how-to/faq_73/ but for users without console access this tool would be valuable.

@heurteph-ei commented on November 14th 2022

I think some workaround is also available there:

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