@atom-box opened this Issue on November 11th 2022

Visitors using a browser in Privacy Mode will not be counted by Matomo if Matomo is set like this:
Matomo interface >> ⚙️ >> Privacy >> Users opt-out >> "Support do not track" >> Enable

Only visitors from desktop Firefox version 103 were completely invisible to Matomo. The other four visitors were counted by Matomo as a visit.

I tested this for visitors using five different browsers.

Matomo correctly records no visit for visitors in this browser:

  • Firefox desktop v103 Privacy Mode

Matomo incorrectly records visits for visitors arriving in privacy mode from the following browsers:

  • Safari iOS Privacy Mode
  • Firefox iOS Privacy Mode
  • Edge desktop Privacy Mode
  • Chromium desktop Privacy Mode
@sgiehl commented on November 11th 2022 Member

Maybe those browsers don't send the DNT header in incognito mode. But anyways: DNT's working group has meanwhile be discontinued in 2019 (see https://www.w3.org/2011/tracking-protection/), so not sure if we maybe shouldn't consider to remove it fully in the future. Safari already removed DNT support in one of their latest releases.

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