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From #386, some ideas we gathered that could potentially improve Piwik performance and scalability:

  • Investigate mysql based, column Database engines, such as Infinidb (see existing discussion in trac or infobright or TokuDB
  • Investigate Nosql DBs (eg. Mongodb) (see our Gsoc proposal) - See #2592
  • in case of Column based DB engine, or Nosql / mongodb / hadoop, we should consider using a hybrid solution where the log tables and possibly archive tables are using the new db engine, and other tables are still using Mysql. This way we dont have to rewrite all the SQL queries and only focus the rewrite on the analytics workload.
  • Investigate Innodb performance VS Myisam => Winner = innodb #4611


Other performance related tickets are: #409, #5, #134, #766, #1077, #3126

@mattab commented on January 15th 2011 Member

I tried to use json as a replacement, but forgot that we serialize objects... so it doesn't work

Recoverable Error: Argument 1 passed to Piwik_DataTable::addRow() must be an instance of Piwik_DataTable_Row, instance of stdClass given, called in trunk\core\DataTable.php on line 996 and defined in trunk\core\DataTable.php on line 497 

For the record I attach the patch.

So to use JSON, we should create the DataTable when loading the blob. This is doable, just a bit more work. Definitely worth testing more.

@mattab commented on January 20th 2011 Member
  • Could we get rid of the idlink_va primary key in the log_link_visit_action table? it is useless as it is, appart from the practicality that it auto increments. We could put up the primary key as compound index.
@anonymous-matomo-user commented on April 2nd 2011

The MongoDB way would definitely be interesting. Is it still an active topic ?

@mattab commented on April 4th 2011 Member

It is still an active topic of discussion and brainstorming, but we haven't scheduled any work, besides issues and pull requests linked below.

If you have knowledge and are a developer, feel free to experiment or work with us, it would be great!

@mattab commented on May 1st 2015 Member

Marking this meta issue closed as topics are now covered in separate issues and there are quite a few issues & good ideas tagged with Performance label.

This Issue was closed on May 1st 2015
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