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As a Super User, I want to force all users to use strong, secure passwords for their Matomo account.

This is important as it will help increase the security of the data stored in Matomo.
By ensuring that all users have strong passwords, and that they are forced to set a strong password.

Potential solution:

  • A new General setting, "Force all users to set a strong, secure password. " (<- confirm wording + inline help microcopy)
    • where to put the setting? Ideally we would merge "Login" and "TwoFactorAuth" sections (in "General settings" page) into one section "Login & Security" that would have all settings nicely in one section?

By default, we should use an existing/standard set of strong password checks.
How much do we let super users customise the password policy details (number of min chars, etc. etc.)?

Here is what it looks like in discourse, which would be a great place to start:

Here is the text version:

min password length
Minimum password length.

min admin password length
Minimum password length for Admin.

password unique characters
Minimum number of unique characters that a password must have.

block common passwords
Don't allow passwords that are in the 10,000 most common passwords.

Other notes:

Out of scope:

  • Force people to change their password every X weeks is not included in this scope

This feature will be combined with other changes:

  • the existing ability to enforce 2FA across a Matomo instance - it is already supported that "A user with super user access can force every user to have two-factor authentication enabled."
  • communicate the password complexity in the UI so users proactively know the password security, see https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/13070 (where we will also remove the "repeat password" field)
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