@tsteur opened this Issue on November 3rd 2022 Member

Currently, when running ./console core:invalidate-report-data --sites=1 --dates=2022-10-01,2022-10-10, then all reports for the "All visits" segment and all other segments for that site are invalidated. This can cause a huge amount of invalidations which can put a lot of load onto a database and as a result it will take very long to reprocess this data.

It would be be great if we could specify something like --segment="" and then only the "All Visits" segment should be invalidated but not any other segments (unless specific other segments are also specified).

You can reproduce this by running ./console core:invalidate-report-data --sites=1 --dates=2022-10-01,2022-10-10 and then you will see invalidations in the archive_invalidations table for the done archive name and also for all the segments. Expected would be to only see archive invalidations for the done archive name.

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