@Starker3 opened this Issue on November 2nd 2022 Contributor

It seems that when creating a scheduled report for something such as a "Month" period, but selecting a shorter period for the frequency of the report email can result in a warning during the scheduled tasks:

"WARNING [2022-09-26 08:47:23] 2279873  Preventing the same scheduled report from being sent again (report <a href='/61'>#61</a> for period ""Septembre 2022"")"

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Configure a scheduled report with a period such as "Month"
  2. Set the schedule for the report to a shorter period such as "Week"
  3. After the report is sent the first time (I.e. the first week or first day of the month) the scheduled tasks will return a warning each time the report tries to be sent for the rest of the month.
@peterhashair commented on November 16th 2022 Contributor

@Starker3 I couldn't reproduce this one locally, do you want to try it again to make sure is not randomly failed.

@Starker3 commented on November 16th 2022 Contributor

@peterhashair I can try reproducing it, but because it runs on a scheduled report it might take some time to reproduce since we'll need to wait for the report to be sent once at the start of the month and then for the next week for the report to try and be sent again

What steps did you follow to try and reproduce it?

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