@Starker3 opened this Issue on November 1st 2022 Contributor

When Selecting a Date Range and comparing that Date Range with another preiod, the Ecommerce Widget sparklines show the incorrect values for the sparkline chart:

In the demo the issue is the same, but with the added issue that the sparklines are also flat:

To reproduce this:

  1. add the Ecommerce Overview widget to the Dashboard
  2. Select a Date Range and Select "Compare" to previous period
  3. Click on a metric that contains Revenue
@peterhashair commented on November 2nd 2022 Contributor

@Starker3 thank you for reporting this, I can reproduce this on our demo or locally. I believe there is a regression there.

@peterhashair commented on November 2nd 2022 Contributor

It seems like when comparing, the revenue on the dataTable covert to string 'NZ$123' instead of float leading to a graphic loading error.

@sgiehl commented on November 2nd 2022 Member
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