@mattab opened this Issue on January 10th 2011 Member

A few users have been complaining that Goals are not matched since upgrade to 1.1.

We should add unit tests to test that goal matching works as expected in all supported use cases, if not fix the issue

@mattab commented on January 11th 2011 Member

From Joachim: "the fault is the uncommented / in the regex. With
the / are commented by piwik, but it is not checked, if they are already
commented out and also the example in piwik itself is not updated to the new

@mattab commented on January 15th 2011 Member
@mattab commented on February 14th 2011 Member

vipsoft, is r3344 doing something in particular or fixing a bug? it seems it broke the regex format. shall I revert?

@mattab commented on February 14th 2011 Member

(In [3901]) Fixes #1991

  • Adding test triggering a goal with regex
  • revert r3344 as the documentation examples are escaped regular expressions
@robocoder commented on February 14th 2011 Contributor

r3344 is a security best practice because the regex is user input. (If this was a preg_replace, it would have been a potentially serious vulnerability.)

Instead of an unescaped regex failing silently, we should have fixed the docs/examples. Vote to revert 3901.

@robocoder commented on February 14th 2011 Contributor

Either way, existing goals are affected. Can we add an update script?

Also, there's a UI inconsistency in the input handling of regular expressions (SitesManager/Controller.php).

@robocoder commented on February 19th 2011 Contributor

(In [3946]) refs #1991 - runtime detect unescaped "/" in patterns, and escape if needed

This Issue was closed on February 19th 2011
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