@peterhashair opened this Pull Request on October 17th 2022 Contributor


Fixes: #19872
update autocomplete on HTML from true and false to on and off


@diosmosis commented on October 17th 2022 Member

@peterhashair The change looks fine, but you don't need to request a review from me for every vue change now that the migration is nearing completion. Core reviewers can review them.

@peterhashair commented on October 18th 2022 Contributor

@sgiehl that makes more sense, I guess, we can change autocomplete from boolean to string, will update all the places that appear.

@peterhashair commented on November 3rd 2022 Contributor

@sgiehl any suggestion on that PR, I update autocomplete to accept string

This Pull Request was closed on November 3rd 2022
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