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On PHP 8, the settings if log and report data should be deleted might not be respected correctly.

The reason for this is, that the API converts the setting to a boolean e.g. here:

But as the value is then stored in an option in the database, it gets converted to a string again.
So the resulting database value is either 1 (string value of true) or an empty string (string value of false).

When the value is later checked in the task this is done this way:

That used to work smoothly for PHP 7. But for PHP 8 the result of that compare changed. The result of comparing an empty string against 0 changed. See https://3v4l.org/v4p2U

That means that removing log and report data is actually always enabled on PHP 8 once the settings in the UI had been saved.


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@sgiehl great find! As it's a critical regression can we add a test for this?

@sgiehl commented on October 18th 2022 Member
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