@Chardonneaur opened this Issue on October 15th 2022

Hi all,
not sure where to put this ticket, I added it to the group permission community plugin too.
The issue in Matomo is the following one, if you want to copy a dashboard to a user, you need to do it for each single user of your instance.
It would be interesting to copy it to a group also, for example the marketing department group so that you won't need to add 10 users to copy the dashboard to.

Hope that helps,

@heurteph-ei commented on October 17th 2022

If this is solved, then I think resolution of #19371 could be solved easily...

@Chardonneaur commented on October 17th 2022

@heurteph-ei to me the ticket is a little bit different because it is linked with the group permission plugin.

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