@Javi-Ormaechea opened this Issue on October 5th 2022

Our current password error takes users back one step to be shown the error message. This is not a good practice because firstly, the error message is being shown in a different screen, not in context, and secondly, we are adding an extra step for them to come back to re-enter their password.

Optimisation. The right pattern for this is to show an error icon on the text field, highlight the field and explain to users what the error is below the text field, giving them the chance to recover (i.e., re-enter the password)

Images attached. Link to Figma here.

Note: I have only seen this occur when users share a link or resend an invite, and get asked for their password. So I assume this is a pattern that affects more scenarios and should be fixed.

current - password modal - 1

current - password error - 2

new - password field modal - 1

new - password field error modal - 2

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