@J-F-M opened this Issue on October 4th 2022

Would love if the Transitions report could be further filtered by previous page / source. For example, if 30% of visitors to a specific
page came from a Search Engine on that page, where did these specific people go after that?

Or alternatively the ability to limit the transitions to the visitors that landed on that page (i.e. exclude the traffic coming from
internal pages), which would also solve my issue (determining what people landing on a specific page do, especially those can come from a search engine).

Thanks for listening!

@sgiehl commented on October 6th 2022 Member

Thanks for your suggestion @J-F-M
You might be able to filter the transitions report by applying a segment.
Nevertheless I agree that it might be helpful to have a more flexible / interactive transitions report.
Our product team will review this and consider it for future improvements.

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