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This PR is related to issue #19807.

Currently, in the tourEngagement widget, there is a redundant text resulting in duplicate information for non sighted users. This adds a lot of noise to assistive technologies rendering.

First we have this:

    <p title="{{ 'Tour_StatusLevel'|translate(level.currentLevelName, level.challengesNeededForNextLevel, level.nextLevelName)|e('html_attr') }}">

Followed by:

            {{ 'Tour_StatusLevel'|translate('<strong>'~ level.currentLevelName ~'</strong>', level.challengesNeededForNextLevel, '<strong>'~ level.nextLevelName ~'</strong>')|raw }}

We should simply remove the title of the first occurrence, as the same exact text appears right after.

This changeset also adds aria-hidden="true" to the star-icons paragraph.


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This issue is in "needs review" but there has been no activity for 7 days. ping @matomo-org/core-reviewers

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