@jmcourtiade opened this Issue on October 3rd 2022

Change the feedback icons (Thumbs up and down) by a "Feedback" button on every tools.


Change the feedback icons (Thumbs up and down) by a "Feedback" button. So that we can send feedback whatsoever. Personally, when I want to give you feedback, it is in order to improve Matomo, and it does not matter, in my opinion, whether to click on up or down. Most of the time I hesitate, and choose the thumb up as it is more positive, but actually I just want to give you feedback on things that could be improved (or lacking features). Source: On-Premise

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  • Matomo Version: On-Premise
  • PHP Version: -
  • Server Operating System: -
  • Additionally installed plugins: -
@sgiehl commented on October 5th 2022 Member

Hi @jmcourtiade
Thanks for your feedback.
Our product team will have a look and evaluate possible improvements here.

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