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This PR is based off of #19745.

Refs #16363

This PR is an alternate UX idea for one part of #16363. The issue asks to hide certain reports that depend on profilable data for accuracy. This PR takes one of those reports and modifies it to only aggregate profilable data and also report the number of visits that are not profilable:

Periods w/ 'unprofilable' are displayed with the number of unprofilable visits:


The row as an info icon that would link to documentation explaining the concept and why they're seeing that.

Periods w/o 'unprofilable' visits have an empty value for that row:


@mattab @jane-twizel @tsteur @Javi-Ormaechea can I get your opinion on whether this is a viable solution (in terms of UX and other areas) to the part of #16363 dealing w/ these kinds of reports? Do you think its a better or worse solution than simply hiding the report entirely if > 99% of visits are not profilable, and allowing the data to display in all other cases?


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