@Nyaundi opened this Issue on September 21st 2022

I tried to install a custom script. then It crased the whole system, This is the error log
[Wed Sep 21 03:20:30.607789 2022] [php:error] [pid 119833] [client] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class "Piwik\Plugin\Manager" not found in /var/www/matomo/core/boot>
Any idea?

@bx80 commented on September 22nd 2022 Contributor

Hi @Nyaundi,

That error would indicate that the autoloader isn't functioning as \Piwik\Plugin\Manager is the very first auto loaded class in the application. Without knowing exactly what was changed it's hard to suggest a solution, but you could consider trying:

  • restore the composer.json from the Matomo installation archive and run composer update again
  • delete the vendor subdirectory and attempt a composer update to complete reset the library configuration.
  • backup your config/config.ini.php file and reinstall

Although we can't offer support for non-application issues via github, you might be able to find additional help in the Matomo forums.

This Issue was closed on September 22nd 2022
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