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When we create a new user a invitation mail is sent to that user with module=Login and to use LoginLdap we need to disable Login plugin, hence we get a error "The plugin Login is not enabled. You can activate the plugin on Settings > Plugins page in Matomo." when we click the accept/reject invitation link.

Expected Behavior

User should be able to accept/reject the invitation

Current Behavior

Unable to accept/reject the invitation.
Screenshot from 2022-09-09 08-51-18

Possible Solution

Provide a event for plugins to update the module and pass that module in the link and respective forms to allow users to accept/reject the invite.

Steps to Reproduce (for Bugs)

  1. Activate and setup LDAP plugin.
  2. Create a new user and try to create click on the invite link and you will see the above error.


Your Environment

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